question on assaults with guns


my friend was victim of an assault yesterday. He works in a shop when suddenly a man approaches him and put a gun against my friend´s ribs and ask him for the money. Then, the guy closed my friend inside a toilet room and escaped.

My friend told me he was quite nervous at that moment and he choose to do nothing but complain with the request of that guy.
But he asked me what should he do if the guy got mad and began to threaten him to death?

I believe it´s really really dangerous to try to disarm an attacker who has his gun against my ribs. He is very close.

I would appreciate any answer.

Marcos Castro

"I believe it´s really really dangerous to try to disarm an attacker who has his gun against my ribs."


As to what to do if the threat of serious injury or death is credible? Fight. Fight for your life.

"WHen death is the alternative, injury has its appeal."

-COl. George Day

WHile my moral philosophy on gun disarms prevents me from discussing tactics in an open forum [1. There is a responsibilty/liabilty implied 2. These tactics are taught at live sessions - not wirtten or videoed], I will say this, cooperating with an armed assailant when you have no choice is really a choiceless choice. Further, there are scenarios or situations where even a trained person must comply.

Without appearing evasive, there can be no clear tactical response here & now.


Tony, thank you very much for answering my question.
I agree with you and understand it´s not the best place to discuss about gun disarming.
But I guess the problem is to decide oneself to defend. I mean... how do you really know the guy is going to kill you? I can imagine situations where you can realize about it quite easily but there are other situations that you wont know if the guy is going to kill you or if he is just threaten you.
So the problem is to decide and try to defend myself (and if something go wrong get killed) when I´m not totally sure of his true intentions.

Thank you again. I appreciate a lot you are there to answer my questions.

Marcos Castro