Question on both Gi brand and size

What are some really good gis that last. What brand does everyone prefer(and why)? Also i know some sizes are cut different by brands. I weigh about 175 pounds and am 5feet 7inches tall.

Keiko Raca A1 Goldweave

mkimono hybrid weave

imo, you will be a A3 top with A2 pants. I'm about 160 and 5'7" and have both A2 top and bottoms. They fit me perfectly

Email Luciana - her addys on the website - she'll set you up, great woman.

You are size A2 on Koral , Keiko and Krugans.Keep in mind ou must control the shrinkage on the Keiko and Krugans for a pefect fit , and Koral might be a little bit loose on you

I have 2 hck gi's, and a hotblood gi. At our school most people wear atama's and they seem to have a pretty good life to them as well. But the one Ive noticed the least wear on is my Howard Competition Single. Its comparable in price to other gi's, and the collar is thick and I really like it. I like both of my gi's and they are still both perfectly good to roll with. The hot blood is about 2 years old now and the lapel is just starting to fray.

if you plan to cross-train in judo make sure you don't have too many patches on your gi. just something to think about.