Question on gun training

Hey im watching the news this morning and am seeing alot of crimes committed with guns. How many of you all have had some sort of firearms training. Would you encourage or discourage getting some sort of training with firearms. I went to a gun range once(was a little nervous since it was my first time) with a friend but havent had any training.

i took a safety course for my Concealed permit, then took a course at this local range on shooting etc.

you might wanna ask sharp and adam about extensive training etc.

As part of a self defense program, I think someone should learn enough about firearms to operate one and to make one safe. This is not to encorage them to carry rather than to give them skills in case they come into possession of one during a critical situation.

Concealed carry classes are fine for their intended purpose, to teach you about concealed carry restrictions and the state laws on deadly force. They don't usually address specific gun handling practices however.

If you are interested in learning handgun skills and becoming confident/ competent with firearms, qualified instruction can make your learning much safer, faster and more enjoyable.

Things to remember:

  1. Never point a firearm whether you think it is unloaded or not, at anything you are not prepared to destroy.

  2. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded.

  3. Be sure of your target and what may be beyond it.

  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

There are a lot of experienced handgun instructors on the Weapons Forum as well.

The only type of gun training I took in was when I completed the Duckhunt game on the original 8 bit Nintendo!!!

sorry, I know that hasn't help much :(

a buddy of mine went to shoot at the range once (only time he's had the chance) and said that the experience really made him respect the power of a hand held firearm ...

unfortunately, it also totally ruined any sort of Hollywood tough guy fantasy about shrugging off a bullet in the shoulder, the John Woo-style double handgun barrel roll, and any other notions or delusions about handling guns portrayed in action movies =p

You can't do the John Woo double gun blasting???

WTF is this world coming to?

Well, you can't do it without getting kicked off the range, anyway.

Ill tell you one thing when we were shooting a guy (young guy) came in and had a damn machine gun. Yes i said machine gun this was a couple of years ago so im sure they were illegal. He shoot alot of rounds a couple of ranges down from us. WTF do you need a machine gun for? That was pretty scary because if he was crazy he could go balistic and there wouldnt have been anything anyone of use could do.

What if he didn't go crazy? Some people collect. Would you still be in danger?

Not sure about the illegal thing. There are all kinds of modifications that are just shy of illegal. Who knows?

Hey FJJ i didnt say he was crazy for having the gun i said what if he was crazy. All guns can be dangerous dependent upon who has it. But a machine gun could do alot of damage.

All I have to say is that I feel a lot safer living in a country with very strong anti-gun laws...


Time spent training breeds familiarity and skill with any tool. Finding a good friend that can teach you is the best. Immaturity around firearms is unforgiving. Be careful who you trust, again... guns are unforgiving of mistakes. Always remember the 4 basic rules, no matter what. Every accident with firearms is a breakdown of at least one of those 4 basic rules. (see above)

There are plenty of countries that allow their citizens full access to weapons with no problems with high crime rates. Any responsible research will show the facts.

IMHO there are too many confounds to make any clear call on whether gun control effects crime rates one way or the other. I think it depends on the culture you're living in...

I'll just stick to Duck hunt thanks.