Question on Judo??

Um can you tell me how you could do it without a shirt.Let me say I am ignorant on the subject and since you are a judo bunch could you tell me.And this isn't bashing judo because I want to do judo as well as bjj.

Man I fucked up here.Wrong bloody place to ask.I must be stupid or some shit.LOL.

not bad. go look at your bjj forum. =)


Ilikebjj, you are an idiot and a child. This is coming from a bjj purple belt who has trained since the beginning of the bjj craze (started in 1992). What is the point of being a smartass, disrespectful fuck? Does it further bjj in a way? Does it make you feel good about yourself? A couple of months ago in Grappling magazine Royler had a great article about being a positive role model in bjj as a coach, practioner, competitor. Check it out.

Pretty smart of IlikeBJJ. Knowing that all judo mods are on vacation.