Question on Obamacare (I dont have insurance)

allright so I am 29 years old, make around 15k/year because I work a cheap no stress part time job and I am a full time student for my masters degree

I do not have insurance from my part time or anywhere else

I am healthy and normally I would not buy insurance yet with my financial situation.

would I take that $600 penalty for the next year if I dont get insurance? or just buy the "catastrophic insurance" for 15-20 bucks per month?

any other avenues worth pursuing in terms of saving money?

Bend over and spread them cheeks. Welcome to the wonderful world of your gubmint phucking you in the ass raw with no Vaseline. Hopefully you are able to get approved for some sort of subsidy. Phone Post 3.0

you can be exempt if The lowest-priced coverage available to you would cost more than 8% of your household income

Ayatolla of Rock and Rolla -

thanks. pretty much what I needed

I definitely sympathize with your financial situation (I was in the almost exact situation myself at one point), but the "I'm healthy and don't need insurance" logic fails to take into consideration something catastrophic happening (god forbid), in which case your treatment costs would end up falling on everyone else in perpetuity.

Not saying Obamacare is even close to the correct answer (and I'm not sure that I know what the answer is), but as long as taxpayers end up paying for the uninsured anyway then the idea of everyone having some form of insurance doesn't really bug me.  Even when I was broke as fuck I made sure I at least had the barebones catastrophic insurance just in case.