Question on Range Rover

I'm working through your "Be Your Own
Bodyguard" right now, but I'm having difficulty
with the Range rover. It seems to me that CQ
and striking/boxing are using the same tools.
Therefore when you call one you are only using
3 possiblities. Legs/Strikes/Grappling Am I
getting to bogged down in words or do you see
my difficulty.
p.s. The subliminal messages you put in your
tapes to buy more certainly worked on me. Great

IN the PDR manual there should be info on ranges and sub-ranges [or is that in the level guides?] , basically anyone who wants to move to the next level in quickness and creativity must understand that there are common tactics shared by certain ranges and htese tools can act as 'bridges' between ranges.

Reflect on that.

The Close Quarter arsenal should includes biting, rakes, headbutts, knees, elbows, forearms, stomps, etc. Striking should include palms, punches [linear & hook] slaps, finger jabs, etc. The arsenal should be pretty diffent and determined by proximity. Also, if your tools are limited then you will always appear to be using the same tools.

There RANGE ROVER is about self-educaiton. Here's some contemplative concepts for you:

1. Are you one-dimensional or discovering that certain tacitcs are more reliable than others? Only you can decide.

2. The RANGE ROVER is about loosing the ego's control over favorite tactics. Until this is fully appreciated then 'unconsciously' one will use the same moves over & over again.

3. Are you feigning responses or repositioning to 'ready' after each exchange. This will completely change the drill [for the worse].