question on seal training

I was reading about hell week on the seals web site

(During this week, you will participate in five and one-half days of continuous training, with a maximum of four hours sleep total. This week is designed as the ultimate test of one's physical and mental motivation while in First Phase. Hell Week proves to those who make it that the human body can do ten times the amount of work the average man thinks possible).

My question I would be willing to try it out.Would any one know of what the training durning hell week is or a workout that is just as hard.Thanks

My best friend is a SEAL and I made it through 2 days of Hell Week before dropping out (couldn't bend my right knee anymore).

The first two days contain the most physically demanding parts of the training because everyone is still pretty coherent. From day 3-5, it's mostly just mind games because almost everyone is a zombie from lack of sleep and exhaustion.

I think they have civilian versions of Hell Week that you can pay to go to. Or you can participate in an Eco Challenge. ;)



There's good book by Dick Couch, called something like "Forging the Warrior Elite", that describes BUD/S pretty well (as far as I know). It might be more than you need, but I'm sure there's a chapter on hell week.

I was able to find a program at that sounds good it's not hell week but looks pretty hard to me.

hell week has to suck.
eco challenge has to suck.

how was diving school scrapper?

I've heard that being physically fit isn't the thing that carries you through BUD/S, (obviously it helps) it's the ability to function on little sleep and high cold tolerance.

The events done during Hell Week aren't extremely hard, any one of them are attainable. The hard part comes from the lack of sleep, and the fact that you are constantly moving, from one evolution to the other with hardly any time to even think about what is happening.

Cool little Coronado tidbit: BUD/S is split into 3 phases. The higher the phase of training you are in, the more priviliges you have. For example, 2d phase can cut in front of 1st phase students at the galley(chow hall), and 3d phase can cut in front of both of them. When the Hell Week guys come through, everyone gets out of their way, and the Mini-BUD/S midshipmen and Indoc students have to literally turn around, since they are not deemed 'worthy' to observe the guys in Hell Week.

a video from saids

* This is the only PT workout video specifically designed to develop and maintain SEAL strength, flexibility and endurance using a half hour daily regimen.
* Caracci's accelerated total body workout is for those who require the maximum fitness results in the minimum amount of time.

If a great body came in a can everybody would have one. This condensed workout contains all the vigorous physical conditioning needed to develop and maintain optimum performance capability. "SEAL Industrial Strength PT The DVD" is the rapid way to develop the body and spirit that have made the Navy SEAL a legend. Guaranteed to do twice the job in half the time

couls this be done or is the dvd just a money grab

Sounds like general hype to me. Like I said, you may be able to run, do pushups, situps, log drills, etc. forever, but if you can't stand the cold it ain't gonna matter much.

I haven't seen the Caracci vid, but I have seen both Stew Smith's and Scott Helveston's (RIP).

I think they will get you in much better useable shape than some nonsense from muscle and fiction or 99% of the crap that is out there. That being said, RE; stew's tapes and books, I think it can go a bit far with doing over 200 pull-ups in a workout. perhaps Seals need that level of muscle endurance, but I think for most other people that amount is unnecessary and almost pointless.

Having seen Scrappers stuff once or twice, I found it spread more exercises among more muscle groups, and had a great level of variety and the ability to keep people interested and not feeling like they had some insane goal to meet.

has any one read any of these ebooks by Stew Smith (Navy SEAL Grinder PT - The Key To Mental Toughness)or (Navy SEAL BUD/S Training Prep)

Being a former Army Ranger I can say that alot of these work outs need you to have someone pushing you beyond what you think you can accomplish. Alot of those work outs are great but YOU JUST WONT DO THEM the way you need to alone or with you buddies at home!

Thats the difference between those guys and you and your buddies. And before you say "HEY, im a freak" or "HEY, I know how to work out intense"... DONT, you have no fucking idea!