Question on SPEAR

Tony or the PDR team:

I´m new at this forum and I have discovered Tony´s stuff just a few months ago.
By the way, I think he´s great!! I´ve never seen someone like him. And what he teachs seem really useful and everyone should know it.
But reading about the SPEAR system, I have a question: Can a "normal weight" woman (100 lbs) use the tactical spear against a big man (200 lbs) who is charging at her? I imagine the woman could go down if she try to stop that man going forward using the tactical spear. The collision will be really hard for her.

Anyways, I think the spear system is really amazing I I believe you´ll have the right answer and a way to solve that situation.

Marcos Castro


There's no secret move or remedy. If you truly study the system, you understand that the research, the mechanics, the timing and spontaneity of the flinch make the SPEAR tactic a 'reliable' choice. [There's more to fighting than one move].

There are serendipitous elements to the SPEAR, a charging person must expose their Brachial PLexus , a rather large nerve cluster, the SPEAR more often than not drives right into this region by default creating a full or partial knock out.

The SPEAR continues to be misunderstood by is a tool that is ued to engage or disengage from a close quarter threat. You must have other tools & tactics in your bag.


Thank you very much Tony. It´s amazing you are there answering every question we post. Every educator should take you as an example.
Now, the spear stuff it´s a bit more clear for me.

I long for the moment I have more money to study your system a bit further.

Marcos Castro

Thank you. Appreciate it. There are a lot of good posts about the SPEAR in the ARCHIVES, check them out.