Question on the Squatty Potty

Okay, I get that a squat position doesn't constrict the rectum so poop shoots through more easily than the normal sitting on the toilet. So I'm considering buying the Squatty Potty. But if it's just bringing up your thighs closer to your body that's making the difference, then can't I just lean forward and bring my body closer to my thighs and achieve the same result as putting my feet on the Squatty Potty? Seems like the position of the thighs relative to the body would be the same as squatting.

Couldn't you also use a stool, cardboard box, or any other object on which to rest your feet?

Just go in a fucking toilet unless you're in a 3rd world shithole that doesn't have running water.

And wipe your asshole with toilet paper.

A stool is usually not wide enough to put both feet on and have your legs spread. If you pinch your legs together to put them on the stool, then it defeats the purpose because you've tightened your anus and the poop can't shoot out. Cardboard box will collapse on you. The Squatty Potty is fairly inexpensive and it stows away under the toilet nicely when not in use. But I'm wondering whether doing something simple like leaning forward putting your chest on your knees would be a simpler solution.

I have a round padded stool that stores my kids bath toys, my wife uses when she bathes them and I use as my squatty potty. It's almost a foot high. The position works well. Find something that is multi use. Phone Post 3.0