Question re: Bandwaggoners...

This is a serious post. I'm trying to understand why team loyalists are seen in a better light than people that gravitate to a winning team.

What is so great about rooting for a team year after year that makes poor hiring choices and consistently loses? I can understand nostalgia for previous teams - but those people & those coaches are gone. Is it loyalty to a city or a state?

In business & sports, people love winners & winning teams. I can't imagine someone saying, "I'm going to keep buying Ford stock even though it keeps going down in value and the management team sucks."

What's so noble about rooting for losers?

I kind of agree. I will always understand cheering for home teams though, but yeah I've always found it dumb that a lot of 30 and 40 somethings cheer for the Lakers and Celtics still because of what they did in the 80's. Just like tons of people my age would go nuts if the Bulls got good again.

I live near Charlotte, so my favorite team is the Bobcats. I used to be a Hornets fan, but they moved, so fuck them, even if they are good.

 people who are loyalists tend to know what they're talking about and know their team moreso than bandwagoners because loyalists watch more games and pay attention more.   Loyalists have an appreciation for the growth of players because they're been there to see it, furthermore they have some credibility with their opinions because of all the history they've experienced that informs their decisions.

The 'Ford' analogy doesn't work, car manufacturing isn't a game.  Neither is stock picking (that's gambling). 

Is someone seriously asking what is so noble about loyalty?

No.  I'm asking why is it noble to be loyal to a losing, poorly-managed team?

Because they're "your team"?  Because you like the logo?  It makes more sense to be loyal to a particular coach or player.

I live in LA and I'm happy to see the Lakers doing well.  I think Kobe has incredible skill but a piss-poor attitude (he said in an interview yesterday that if he got too many techs in the playoffs and had to miss a game, he'd quit basketball).  I do think that Phil is the best coach in the NBA - and I like Turiaf, Fisher, Gasol...  But Shaq was my favorite player from the 'old' Lakers and part of me would love to see him beat the Lakers, win another championship, and then retire.  Kobe could use the ass-whupping.

It seems like many of the 'loyalists' are more loyal to a logo or to a team that is no longer there than to great players, great leadership, and great management.

...and I do understand why serious students of the game would consider themselves more knowledgeable - makes sense. But I don't see the merit to being loyal to a bad franchise - that's more equivalent to being a battered wife.

 in non-basketball aspects, bandwagoners are people of poor character. 

And it's not like bandwagoners are people who were lifelong Bucks or Knicks fans and finally had enough and chose a winner.  That almost never happens.

Bandwagoners are bandwagoners for life.  They are groupies, hangers ons, crowd followers and the like.  Most bandwagoners I've known make for very poor friends, they'll leave you hanging at the drop of the hat when you need them, at other times they're just around to take advantage.

I've little doubt that the regular hard-cores from this board are known amongst people for being loyal and trustworthy friends.


From what you've said, it appears to me that there are different types of loyalists & different types of bandwaggoners...

Some loyalists love the team for its potential, growth, and leadership.  Some just love the team because it's the team they've always loved - regardless of who's playing, who's managing, etc.

One makes sense.  The other doesn't.

Some bandwaggoners pretend like they've been "loyalists" forever - even though they often only know a few of the players, don't know who was traded last year, etc.  They're liars.

Other bandwaggoners don't pretend to be die-hard fans but are happy the hometown team is doing well and will buy a jersey, fly a flag, etc. - while some of the embittered loyalists will bitch about them doing it.

 all Bulls fans should be allowed to temporarily bandwagon,i.m.o.

after all you seen the season we had ;)

I guess I am somewhat of a bandwagoner.

My favorite teams outside of Charlotte are San Antonio, Detroit, and Utah. This is only because they are good teams. I haven't followed these teams forever, but I do know a lot about each team, going all the way back to the 80's. They are just my favorite teams to watch.

Maybe I am a bad person and I will leave my friends as soon as times get rough.

 there's a difference between bandwagoners and plain basketball fans.

I've known people who were no longer 'fans' of a particular team but would follow a player or just watch teams that played good basketball.

That's not bandwagoning.

Bandwagoning is jumping into an online forum only after the team looks like it's a favorite to win and shouting "Go ____ !  Screw the _____ !" and other well recognized bandwagon behavior.

Bandwagoners and fairweather fans are closely linked.

There are some who may be forum regulars of a sort, but they only show up when the team is hot and boast about how no one wants to play their awesome team, then they can be counted on to go away as soon as it gets rough.

 I have no doubt that people like Brian Davis, CapnKindBud, and McDonald's Fan all have reputations as being loyal and reliable.

Maddog is very close to that, but has admitted not following his team for one year when they sucked.  So while on the whole he is a very loyal fan and surely a loyal friend, that one year absence can be seen as the root cause of his savagely beating his friends when the Suns lose.  


dr b, am I a loyalist?

LOL @ looking for dr. b's approval.

I mean, I like dr b, he keeps it real, for real. But who gives a fuck whether or not he thinks you're a loyal fan or not. And who gives a fuck whether you're a bandwagoner or not? To me, more fans and widespread awareness, regardless of reason, is always a good thing. As a fan, I like to see my team be successful and knowing that bandwagoners are a natural symptom of success, it doesn't bother me.

I mean, yeah, sometimes it bugs me when someone gets overzealous and starts saying stupid shit like "Yeah man the Lakers are going to sweep their way to a championship! Lamar Odom is Kobe's Scottie Pippen!" But I appreciate the enthusiasm nonetheless, and it reminds me that I was once a clueless sports fan at one time too. That's not to say I'm not clueless now, but you get what I mean.

Most bandwagoners are idiots that don't know anything about the game of basketball. They are obnoxious and get in your face when their team wins, even though they have only been cheering for them for about one week. They don't deserve that right unless they have been through tough times with that team and have educated themselves somewhat about basketball.

For example, a few years ago this buddy of mine starts liking the Pistons around the time they are winning the Eastern Conference Finals. He walked around all the time screaming "CH-CH-CHAUNCEY!!", and bitched on every single call against the Pistons. He didn't even know why his own team wins so much and it all comes off as very fake. The next year when Horry nutted on the Pistons was great.

Oh right, bandwagoners for OTHER teams. Yeah, they're gay.


memory blues must be new here

I understand that my definition of a bandwaggoner was faulty - bandwaggoners talk a lot of shit but don't know anything.

What do you call a guy that stays loyal to a team - like the Cubs, for example, I don't know who compares in basketball - that is born to lose? Why are people loyal to a team brand even when the management and all the players change? Sense of identity? Habit?

Personally, I'm loyal to people, not logos...

Dratherbe, the team that you are looking for is the New York Knicks. And I'd say people still go to the Garden to watch them b/c they long for the days of old.