Question re Dutch style kickboxing drills

Hi all,

I saw a few clips of kickboxing training in Netherlands. It was mainly two man drills where each partner take turns doing various combinations on each other.

On these drills I see them using their gloves as a substitute as punching mitts when receiving punches. When they are getting kicked they are either taking it or shin checking. So my question is wouldn't it be better for the defending partner to cover up instead to simulate the ideal defensive techniques and reactions?

When we partner drill, we block of parry as we would normally do. Each partner should be doing things that are correct. The whole goal is to recreate actual offense & defense combos.

Do you have a vid source?


Hi Bull_in_chinashop,

Here's a seminar by Albert Kraus. It's quite long but the first combo he teaches is a follow up after blocking a body kick. His partner just seems to hold his gloves as if he's holding mitts but he blocks the final body kick with a proper block.

A seminar by Ramon Dekkers. He teaches a straight right followed by a left leg kick. The straight right is met by open glove which again seems to me as if the glove was held as a punching mitt.

You will find both ways used. Using the gloves as mitts just allows mitt style combination work and they can go as hard as they want. Some drills are also on a covered up opponent. There are many many ways to train the same techniques to keep it interesting and challenging.



Thanks for posting the vids. Those kungfu guys in Chile are very open minded.