Question Re: Todd Carney

Who is he fighting at the AFC? He really impressed me when he KO'd Pereira at KOTC. He defended the takedown well and KO'd him with some clean shots. It helped that Pereira's takedowns are god awful, but Carney captilaized on his weakness. Also, a lot of Carney's losses seem to be to some pretty tough guys. Was this KO just a one shot wonder or is he actually pretty good?

Side note: My family is from West Virginia so I have to be a fan of any practitioner of WestVigin-Jitsu.

the only 2 Carney fights I've ever seen were his pair against Charles Bennett, and he got handled pretty easily both times. Of course, both of those were years ago, and I've heard he's gotten lots better, which he probably has. But that's just been my personal experience of him.

I have trained quite a bit with todd. I told everyone he was going to ko perreira but no one believed me. He is fighting my teamate and training partner Efrain Ruiz this friday at AFC. It is a fight I hate to see happen as both are good friends of mine.

Todd is very legit. He has hands of stone and incredible reach. He is also real strong. Todd has some things to work on like anyone but I would say his biggest weakness is his lack of a good places to train locally.