question re: ufc 49

There are some extremely knowledgeable guys and gals on the Underground and I need to ask for a little help. Here goes: UFC 47 is in April, 48 in June sometime. Does anyone happen to know when 49 is scheduled. I am planning a combatives camp in Vegas and would love to coincide them. Any help is appreciated. I have e-mailed but to no avail.

Make a post to saucy on here, she will answer...... Good luck with your camp! ;)

not sure..but i'll throw alittle ttt your way

saucylv33 to be exact!!!

ttt and there is no June UFC...I think it is July 3rd

Cool. Thanx AG Jr. If 48 is July 3rd that would mean 49 is probably September. I'm getting warm here, thanks guys....keep it coming.


ttt cause i need the help

 marc, start a thread with  ATT: saucylv33!

 she will see it & answer!

We don't have a date set yet for UFC 48 & UFC 49.

Thanks saucy.