Question regarding Royce v Yoshida

This question is for readytorumble and the rest of the UGers gloating about Royce making a better showing on his way to the draw with Yoshida. Let me preface by saying that I'm not a Judo player. I've studied BJJ for several years under a couple different camps, but truthfully I prefer strait-up submission wrestling (sans gi)and shootfighting, as I'm really just an aging folk-wrestler. I mention all this so y'all know that I have no financial or emotional ties to either camp.

My question is this: those of you gloating over this "draw", I would very much like to hear your take(s) on the "draw" that Royce had against Ken Shamrock at UFC 5? Just curious to hear your perspectives on that one. -NC

The Shamrock fight consisted of a heavier opponent stalling the majority of the fight, lying in Royce's guard. However, Shamrock did land a very nice punch that closed Royce's eye.

I think the difference between the two draws is that in the first one there was very little action where as with the second Yoshida fight, positions were exchanged, submissions were attempted and one opponent dominated the other, even if he didn't finish the fighter.

There was not a dominating figure in the first draw. The only reason there was a draw in the second fight was because of the no judges rule.

People who say "jock riders shouldn't be happy with a draw" consider this to the same kind of draw one would see when two fighters fight equally through the entire fight to a draw.

When Silva drew with CroCop everyone knew who won the fight, but it was still a draw, not because of the fighter performance, but because of the rules of the fight. Same goes for Royce/Yoshida 2.

Btw, I am not gloating. I personally think Royce would have won the fight had there have been more time and or judges.

However, he did not win the fight. It was a draw based on the rules. If anything, it was a moral victory for Royce.

HOW THE FUCK DO U CONSIDER THAT SHAMROCK WAS DOMINATED?!! Royce did nothing to finish the fight... Royce just overhooked shamrocks arms and held him... Royce stalled just as much as shamrock. Weight doesnt dictate who should finish a fight, a fighter im sick and tired of hearing all this bullshit about how Royce weighed less than Ken, and Ken stalled... It was BOTH fighters who stalled. Royce did NOTHING but overhook, and kidney strike with his feet. Thats not FINISHING a fight...

The foul was a accident. Yoshida didnt use this as an excuse, but you can?

Getting into a opponents head is half the battle.

What do you think Silva's stare downs do? Its a pscyhological tactic that he is known for.

You can hold on to the bullshit foul all you want, but it didnt make Yoshida turtle the rest of the fight, Royce's grappling did.

What the fuck is this "MORAL VICTORY" being posted around? It is beinig loosely used. Only 1 person can use this and it is not Royce. It was already coined to somebody else about 50 years ago in Brazil.

Silva draw with CroCop is a better comparison.

One punch doesn't equal the beating that Yoshida took in this fight.

The fights don't even resemble each other.


Personally I do think that the fights have a valid comparison (as well as the Silva v. Crocop fight too). All these fights were ruled draws, but in every case one guy visibly got the better of the other. Lucky punch this, illegal groin shot that, no ground fighting over there, what's the difference? All these fights were ruled draws under the agreed upon rules, but in every case one guy leaves having beaten on the other guy pretty good, all excuses aside. I just posted this thread to see if the hard core Royce supporters would resort to making excuses about the Ken fight much the same way that Yoshida supporters are doing now.