Question: registry

recently I got some software and it asks me to import xxxx.reg into your registry.

What is a registry and where will I find it? There was no specific file or existing .reg file for me to swap out.


That would probably be a very bad idea.

The registry is a file that contains all your OS's settings... like what displays when you right click on something, and many other much more important things.

There are editors for it, and they're relatively easy to play around in. However, if you have to ask what is the registry, I would advise highly against playing around with it, or allowing some random software program to replace it. Who knows what kind of crap they'll put in there.

What program is it? Most applications will just edit the registry without you knowing about it. I wonder why it's asking you to import these settings.

How is it bad for a program to be accessing the registry? Most programs do these days.

Most of them use the registry in lieu of the .ini file. I find it odd that a program would ask you directly to import a registry file since it's meant to be hidden from the average user.

I've had cracks that require you to import a registry key. Just double-click the file (should be a .reg file) and Windows will ask you if you want to import it. Say yes, and that's're done.

If you'd like to see exactly what the registry key is doing, just open the .reg file with notepad.

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