Question: Shawn Tomkins

Just curious, what kind of training schedule are you using with Mark Homminick for his upcoming fight? Do you have a game plan that you can share with us? Thanx!

Crap...I spelled your name wrong. Sorry. =(


Don't bet on any concrete techniques or gameplan. Mark's opponent's team visits this forum all the time so Shawn probably won't come on here and say much.

If anything, it will take an hour for him to type everything out...there's a reason why they call Mark Hominick 'THE MACHINE'.

That's a good point. Hopefully we can get a good idea then of some of the type of training they are doing in prep for this fight.

Am i the only one who think that Guigui and Hominick aren't in the same class? I think there is better contenders to Hominick's belt.

Who would you rather see him fight then?

Why not Menjivar.... oh yeah Steph doesn't manage him anymore so it's not gonna happen.