Question to all Marines...

Hello guys,
my question is, is it possible for foreigners(german) to join the USMC? Maybe with the greencard or are there any other ways?

I actually think so, you won't get a job that would require Clearance, but, I am reminded of many stories in Air Force papers of someone becoming a "citizen" while in the service.

Yes you can. We had a Mexican national, two Canadians, and a Spaniard in my platoon alone. They were limited to what levels of clearance they could get, but they were Marines.

I'm certain that they probably are a lot stricter on their screening process now, but assuming that you've got no ties to terrorism or anything, I think you could join.

Do you know how these guys could join the Marines?
I think with the greencard or are there any other possibilities? The recruiter(army) said to me that I need the greencard but to get it I must participate in a lottery and the chances to get one are really I look for other ways.
P.S. What about the age(I`m 23) and what units are allowed in the USMC for foreigners? For example Recon Bt.?

I know the army gives you a certain amount of time (around 6 years, 2 enlistments) to become a citizen. I think they make it easy for you so if you want the chance, youll get it. if you dont do it you cant re-enlist after your times up. (this was in 1992)

I dont see why the marines would be any different

yeah we gotta canuckule-head in our platoon.

Are you still in Germany? See if anyone at the Embassy can help you. You can enlist with a Green Card. I don't know how dificult it is to get one, but the Embassy may be able to give some better answers.

There was a Mexican citizen in my Plt., so I know non-citizens can be in Recon, but we had trouble getting him to SERE and in on any secret or top secret intel briefs since he couldn't get the clearance as a non-citizen. After a while though no one cared and it was no prob for him to sit in. He also got his citizenship (and his sons) in under 3 years. It worked out well for him, give it a try.

Why not join the German military instead?