Question to GeekGround about Alien vs. Predator


 I think its safe to say that most of us thought Alien vs. Predator (esp.2) were awful films that fell flat due to silly human stories as well as PG-13 (WTF???).

So when I criticize a movie, I naturally think of ways it could be improved.  My question is would it be possible of an Alien vs. Predator movie with absolutely no dialogue ?  No humans.  2 hour film with just a point of view of the Predator.  Could it be possible ???  Could this concept work or do you HAVE to include a human storyline with human dialogue so the audience relates ????

Your thoughts please..

I would've liked a direct translation of the AvP comic and following novels.

 ^^ Thats my exact reason behind this thread.  Wondering if I should start a fan fiction script for the hell of it...

 I'm afraid I would be no use to you Ryan.  I have not read or researched the novels / comics of AvP.  Only seen the shitty movies.....

why not make it a GG project? a lot of guys around here write

someone'll just have to trim it down once it's down

Not what you were asking for, but all I can think of is a review I read of the first movie that started by quoting the promotional tag line from the movie. "No matter who wins, we lose." And then followed that with, "Truer words were never spoken." lulz!

Basically you just don't do it. It's a silly idea, there is no way to make it interesting and not completely cheesy.

This is exactly why I am poor and michael bay is disgustingly wealthy.

 I got the Predator for the job:

Seriously though, there was a predator comic back in the day where the main character had a chipped tooth on one of his mandibles so you always knew it was him. No dialogue, just Predators huntng ALiens. Always what I hoped an AVP movie should be.