Question to reverendS

So you are a reverend, a priest, a father or whatever denomination you can get.

And you are also a fighter.

How do you feel, when you are on a ring, a beat your opponent, leaving him in blood?

I am sure that part of my bjj game is not improving because I don´t like to hurt other people.

I am not any of those things. However I never did understand people who saw a conflict in the two. Two men engaged in a consentual contest is not the same as a streetfight. In mma you are trying to win, your goal is not to injure the other person. It's not for everyone but the other guy always has the chance to tap so that seems fair to me.

If the other guy don´t quit. Is your attitude "tap or snap"?

thats a good question Donna although I never fought NHB..I did box and worked as a nightclub doorman for 11 years.I also did personal protection for some people. I also owned a security company that provided security to clubs,events, and did personal protection. I have hurt people and have sent some to the hospital. I gave that all up when I came to Christ...I walked away from a good living because, I made money off of hurting people..I no longer will do that. I plan on competing in a NAGA event in the spring...but it's just grappling...still the chance of somebody geting hurt, which worries me a little.

yours in Christ


There's also a chance of hurting someone in football, basketball, soccer, even baseball. There's no sin in contact sports. Enjoy NAGA.

no BMac i don't think so either, but one could say it is a sin to celebrate your victory over a person who you seriously harmed...even though it's unintetional.

yours in Christ


I think that football and soccer are dangerous. At least in soccer you can say that the player was not fair, and there was a fault.

But in boxing and mma the intention IS to hurt.

I see a distinction between striking - that might cause a damage without defense, and even kill - and submission, which gives the chance for the opponent to surrender.

Do you think the opponent doesnt know the circumstances of stepping into the ring? Ive watched the Rev fight before, and the first thing he does when he gets in the ring is bows to pray. I know as a fact he aint asking god to assure a win, Hes asking that noone gets hurt. this is a sport that men and woman have enjoyed for many years. It would be different if he was just going around kicking the crud outta people, and i think im the closest on her to say its not in my brother johns personality to hurt anyone, Well accept me and his 3 other But thats

I'm not saying the rev would intentionaly hurt anyone. I've only spoken to him twice on the phone. but the feeling I got was that he is indeed a gentle person who cares deeply for his fellow human beings.

yours in Christ


im sorry sherm this is my first time posting here and i know you support my brother didnt mean to make you feel that way. i will say this when he sets his mind to things he goes at it and i think thats why he surpassed my own father many years ago as not only being our families spiritual leader but also the leader...he is the one i call when i lose a freind, when im feeling down, when i make a bad decission and he is also the one who jumps my butt when im screwing up....thats the point i intended im sorry to offend..Erick

did'nt offend at all. i was just clarifying that i didnt think rev was like the example i listed

yours in Christ


People of the Christian faith have always been common and excelled in the combat sports. Take a look at wrestling, boxing and even mma champions.

Helwig..understood. i think the point Donna is trying to make is that in this sport unlike football,basketball,etc. Boxing,mixed martial arts,wrestling,etc. involve punching,kicking,submissions,etc. that can lead to injuries. yes I know other sports have injuries as well. It's just that the sports we participate in is in a sense combat. It's the fact that we are deliberatly striking another person, that I think donna questions.

yours in Christ


I love you Erick, and am very proud of you. You made me cry tonight.


I only grapple, but I do like boxing and kickboxing. Lets face is, they are sports.The chances of getting hurt are there, but they aren't that serious. SO you break your arm or will heal. I dont think God has a problem with us learning arts. He gave us our bodies to help us express ourselves, and if that is through martial art, or if its through dance, or running, or whatever sport we can use our bodies for, so long as we do things as if we are doing them for the glory of God...everything is ok.

what I do to an opponenet is nothing compared to what the old school monks did to themeselves, I am just helping them to leave the flesh and all its trapping behind and embrace the Spirit :)

its a sport

the rev

Man, you didn´t understand my question, or at least, I don´t see a clear answer...

I want to know how you FEEL.

How do I feel leaving someone in a pile of thier own blood, not that bad, because they would leave me in a pile of broken mess if they had the chance. its the nature of the game. If you dont like it...go play monopoly or water polo or something.

My game is bjj - no pile of blood. ;-)

I don't really feel anything too passionate. I just feel like I did my job, if things were out of hand, and the ref wasn't stopping the fight when I felt he should I would stop, even if it meant disqualification. But if things are according to the rules, it is no thing. I would expect him to do the same to me if he was in my position, no emotions really, except a bit of happiness that I won.

the rev