Question to Trainers

Hey question to the trainers. I want to start training again but im not a spring chicken anymore. im 36 and not in anywhere near the shape i use to be in. My question is do you all have students start at an older age and find they tend to be more prone to injury? Althought ive trained before its been a while so its almost like im starting of new.

In a word, yes. Yes, you will be more prone to injury, slower to get into shape, harder to stay in shape, longer to recover from a hard work out and even longer still to recover from an injury.

Now, that said, this should in NO WAY dissuade you from starting to train again. You just have to be careful and take things at a slower pace to avoid having unneeded set backs. I have students that have started in their 40's and 50's and have done absolutely great with smart training.

Don't be too anxious to reach the goals that you may set for yourself. Enjoy the ride. The journey is more important than the destination. Sometimes we still have the mindset of a teen, but the body of a 36 year old. You are not old, but there is a big difference between 26 and 36. So, take your time, be careful and above all else, have fun!

Woof Phillyman:

FWIW, I started stickfighting at 36, broke my knee at 40 (freak jits accident snapped ACL, PCL, and LCL and all 3 were replaced by tendons from a cadaver-- it took the docs 3 surgeries to get it right) and then fought till I was 48.

JKDF is right, its the journey, not the destination-- or was we say in the Dog Brothers, "It you ain't the lead sled dog, the view is all the same." So, be not humble and be not proud. Just do it for yourself.

Crafty Dog

PS: I lived in Philly back in the 70s (Local 8 of the Carpenters Union, then finished my university studies.) Loved the cheese steaks!

I'm with these guys Philly. What exactly will you be doing? MMA? BJJ? JKD?

I am a 34 year old coach. Not the same as JKDFIGHTER's 54, but "old" nonetheless. Everyone in my small gym is younger than me, and those guys are typically suffering from injuries.

After a period of conditioning & familiarity w/ the sport (3-6 months), I find that most injuries come about when there is a substantial weight difference amongst two training partners.

In other words, once your body is in "shape" and you are beginning to get used to the sport, once you start going at it with the big guys, injuries are definitely a concern.

Just maintain your body in a decent level of health and fitness, or athletic shape. Don't go as intense w/ the big guys until you really know your game. All the injuries I have in the past that I can recall are from training with guys that have 40#s and upwards of a 100+ #s on me.

Though my primary training partner has 70#s on me, I have been injury free for a while now.

Find the right guys to train with at each gym and exercise the option NOT to train with any lugheads. Look for guys that are into "leave your ego at the door".


"Not the same as JKDFIGHTER's 54,"

LOL!! You ASS!!!

Hey thanks for the answers guys. Joe i plan on restarting with Paul Myatovich(SBG Hamilton) if he is accepting students. I want to train there on a weekend Sat or Sun then start of doing bjj in Philly once a week. then eventually move to 3x a week 2 Bjj classes in the week then 1 SBG class on the weekend. I would do the SBG 2x a week but i have a hard time seeing when driving at night.

You are going to get great training with Paul M. and hte SBG.


Sounds like a great plan you have set!! If you are training with the SBG crew, I am sure you will be in good hands. You should be pretty excited.

One thing I forgot to mention is training with beginner's as opposed to the more advanced. There is definitely a higher ratio of injuries with the newbies.

All the best!


Paul is an excellent Instructor, you will have a great time.