27 years old and training for about 5 years

23, in official MA 5 years
wrestling for 4 years as a kid

and if u count just fighting

since I got my first beat down from my older
football/wrestling brother and my cousins
(basicly all my life, we lived way out in the country and theyh couldn't find anything else to do)

25, 14 years, but I really only count the last year as effective training.


Kung Fu for 5 years. Then saw the light and have been in JKDC for almost 5.

Chronologically 42, physically 22, mentally 35.

36 Years consistent training.

L. Nat

yeah my beat downs were ruff. We lived in the country I was a big kid but I was always out weighed by 60 to 100lbs, were 7 to 20 years older than me, and passed to the next cousin when one got tired/bored beating me down (teaching me to be a man)

Two of the greatest moments of my life
When my cousin Dale picked me up in a rear bear hug and said "whatcha gonna do now" I headbutted him with the back of my head and almost broke his nose and popped the lense out of his glasses. He was suprised, and kinda pissed, but realized he had asked for it.
the Second was when I double legged my cousin Rich and picked him up off the ground. I was arround 15 at both times. They lightend up a lot after that. Little bro-do, or Young fu

Both over 6' and 200lbs (Rich was at least 235)

I'm 34 and I've trained for 10 years

I have been doing martial arts in some shape or form since I am 11 (now 25). That included the usually crap :) like tkd, hard japanese karate, aiki jj. Wrestled in high school and for a little bit after. I only truly consider what I have been doing for the last 5 years though to be worth anything. So I have been doing martial arts for 14-5 years.


Come on guys give it up. There are still a few regulars that I don't see. SBG guys where are you. Demi, Mosley, Come out. Don't be shy now. I know there are more just lurking out there. It will be worth it . Trust me.

Joe Maffei


30+ See easy. Contribute. J.M.

49 years old

35 years


How old are you?

How long have you been training MA?

52.Off and on, training since I was 18.Which translates as somewhere between 34 years of training, or 1 year of training repeated 33 times....{G}RealStudent

46 years on this rock... 25 of them training the mysterious martial ways.

Come on Joe... you gotta share too.



15-8 years. (depends on how you count)

31 for 'I dunno' how many years!!

19 years ole

7 years of training

Im 22 years old, and Ive been training for the past 15 years


33 yrs next month, training since I was 12.

Peace! -Leif.

26 yrs. old..about 10 years in JKDC, and prior to that, some TKD for I don't know how long (shhh..don't tell anyone!) : ) Mike Hamilton

31 yrs old, 10 yrs total training, consistently for the past 8 yrs.