I am a newly fledged MT fanatic, and want to get a heavy bag put in my modest sized apartment. Can someone give me some info. I don't think it would be possible for me to hang it from the ceiling, which I hear is the best. I looked at some MA supply places for bag stands, but they don't seem like they could hold a 100 lbs. bag, and would require me to stay stationary. I want to be able to move around a bit. Any other options? No serious MT in my area.

as long as you can find a stud in your ceiling you should have no problems hanging a bag.


A stud meaning something that is part of the ceiling itself to attach to? Won't that still cause damage with a 100 lbs bag hanging from it? Sorry for being so ignorant on this, but I really have no idea.

from what i understand all houses, apartments, condos, any room really, has boards that run all through out ceiling to help support the structure.

all you have to do is find one of those boards in your ceiling and you can hang probly 100lbs easily.

the trick is finding it, there is a tapping method but im not sure what exactly to look for, sorry, lol.

i have my thai bag hung in our car port at the house, so i suggest trying that or the garage if you dont have car ports where your at.


I had a bag stand for years, and it held a 100lb. bag with no problem. You just have to put additional weights on the support stands so it doesn't tip when you really lay rounds kicks into it. It's true that you can't circle the bag 360 degrees, but you can work enough angles to still make the training very productive.

Another option: when I was in a student apartment at college, we had two tall movable closets in the room. I nailed a 2x4 from the top of one to the top of the other and hung a heavy bag in the middle of the room. Good times.