Questions about Brazil

Hey, I'm tentatively planning a trip to Brazil in August, and was hoping that a few of you guys could answer a few questions that I have.

Do I need to get any shots?

Does anyone know of a good place to stay near Gracie Humaita?

How many times a day are classes taught at Humaita? Who teaches privates there, and how much?

I'm a vegetarian. Do Brazilian restaurants serve any veggie food?

What's the weather like this time of year?

For now, that's all I can think of. Thanks much!


Not sure if this will address any of your questions but check

I did check that out, and it is chock full of helpful info. Part of the reaon I ask these questions is the article doens't really address them. Thanks though!




Come on, guys, at least keep this up for me!


I think Yellow Fever is a vaccination you'll need.

When returning to Australia from Brasil customs asks to see proof of yellow fever vaccination.

If I remember correctly, going into certain parts of Brasil (amazon) I think the doctor reccomended malaria and meningitis, but not for Rio.

It's usually a good idea to see a doctor specialising in o/s travel before you go to make sure all your shots are up to date. Of course everyone should already have hep-b, polio, tetanus.

dont need any shots

they only take visa and mastercard, not discover

stay in the most expensive place you can find, you will thank me later. dont let them talk y ou into paying for your hotel in 3 instalments that will be more expensive.

right now the dollar is down to 2.8 which isnt that good but you will get the best possible exchange rate using a credit card.

and make sure you have a Brazilian buddy as a guide, the streets can be very dangerous

For vaccinations, I don't think that the US requires any unless extended stay happens (like over 90 days), but i would get HEP A and B, Meningitis and Yellow Fever so you don't get sick.

Make sure the water you drink is filtered or you will have intestinal pain for a couple of weeks when you get back.

Also, you might want to get legal help getting a visa. Its 100 dollars and the embassy will generally only give you a 30 day visa. If you use an attorney, the visa will probably be good for five years.

and watch out for the favelados, traficantes and the policial; it is pretty intense down here right now.

"I'm a vegetarian. Do Brazilian restaurants serve any veggie food? "

Yes there is a good variety of veggie food down here.

Sorry can´t help you the other questions.

I lived in Rio for over a year and a half,, a friend of Scotty´s too,(Onthemat). I train at Gracie Barra. If you need info go to or if you want some more info for specifics go to and then to their little forum and it has a place for specific Brazil Questions. There are some older question that have been answered too that might help a little.

What are falelados and traficants? Why is it intense down there right now? Thanks.

Im tryin to go at the end of May. Anyone know what the most I should be spending on a round trip ticket from CA should be? I just wanna get a good idea before I call some travel places. Also anyone know names/prices of good places to stay(probably in Barra)? Thanks

Thanks so much! This is exactly the info I was looking for.

I'd like to hear more about the favelados and traficantes. What are they, and why do I need to watch out for them? What can I do to stay away from them?

Keep it coming, especially anybody with info about training at Humaita, and places to stay nearby.

Big thanks to all!


favelados are people from the slums and traficantes are drug dealers. Stay away from the favelas (slums), especially if you look like a tourist.

Don't look like a tourist and dress like a brazilian (shorts, t-shirt and sneakers)and you'll be ok.

Don't shag a tranny (HIV)

So shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers is the way to go? That's how I always dress, so that's cool.

Any info on Humaita?

Again, thanks much and keep this at the top.


If you need any specifics email me at I can tell you anything thing that you need to know (places to stay, eat and train). Rio is a nice place but it can be dangerous, the more info the better.


I train at Humaita when in Brazil. I'll give you the info you're looking for. Email me at


Miz and mistyflip, I e-mailed you both. Thanks for your help.


i was almost killed yesterday in the morro... fuck i hate this place but i love it at the same time. so much excitement

$600 is a decent price of a flight from california.