Questions about cannabis

I am a first timer, and I’m quite intimidated by the process of decarboxylation. I fear I’ll ruin what little weed I have. First, how can I tell if the weed has already gone through decarboxylation? Second, is there a way to do it without using an oven? My oven has burnt out. Third, after the weed has been decarbed what is the simplest way to mix it with a fat? Fourth, I was told not to smoke it, but to make it into edible or tea form. Why is that? I’ve been waiting my whole life to try cannabis, and I’m totally scared I’ll mess this up.

It’s fuxking weed. Don’t over think it. It won’t hurt you if you don’t make it a lifestyle.


Who knows, smoking anything isn’t great for you but if it’s a once in a blue moon type thing then it shouldn’t bother you unless you have respiratory issues.

Eating weed vs smoking is definitely different high.

I would just smoke it if it’s your first time.


You are making a very simple process difficult. Place the weed in pipe and lightly inhale while applying a flame to the flower.


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If you’re smoking for the first time just take a single puff and wait 5 minutes to see how it hits you. It’s no fun getting too high and in the beginning you won’t have a tolerance.


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Just Google a firecracker recipe. It’s not rocket surgery

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That would be why I recommend smoking the first time. Eating weed is a commitment. It takes a long time to kick in and you have absolutely no idea how strong it is until it does.

Trust me, being way way to high on edibles is not a fun experience and it doesn’t go away quickly. Learn a lesson from a guy who spent 4 hours laying on the side of a muddy river in poison oak because I was to fucked up to move.


Google how to make canna butter in a crock pot. It’s the easiest way.

The decarb process is not required if you are feeling intimidated by it.

“Rocket appliances” imo.

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With a sous vide is, but yes.

Drug rehab facilities are cheaper and more effective than ever op. You can rise above these problems. I’m rooting for you.

Nobody likes a quitter

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You do not want to eat weed for your first time unless you want it to be your last too.

Get a “one hitter” and take a hit, wait ten minutes, hit it again if necessary.

Ease into it.

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