Questions about Nintendo Wii

I've looked at a variety of FAQs on the web, and gotten conflicting answers, sometimes from the same sites. Can anyone help on these?

1) Are you going to have to pay to play the old Nintendo games on the Wii?

2) Do you need to buy a special add-on to make it play DVDs?

Also, how good are the graphics going to be on the Wii? I mainly play sports and fighting games -- will they be in the same league as Xbox 360 and PS3?


  1. Yes. The older the game, the cheaper the download.
  2. I don't think they're supporting DVD at all. Buy a $50 DVD player.
  3. The graphics will more likely be on par with the regular XBox, not the 360.

Thanks Willybone.

Is the basic point of the Wii the change in gameplay with their new controller, rather than the traditional improvement in graphics that you typically see with next-gen consoles?

" they will have a better render and frame rate than the orignial xbox"

I don't know; the Battalion Wars video has really obvious pop-up even though the graphics are very minimal and the draw distance is pretty limited.

"Is the basic point of the Wii the change in gameplay with their new controller"

Yep. I've still not heard any rationalization of why Nintendo didn't just release the controller for the Gamecube.

Have you watched the videos, Armbreaker? Have you seen anything on Wii that looks better than Splinter Cell 3, Doom 3, Riddick, Fable, etc on Xbox? Anything that would justify having to shell out for a new system?

Or never mind that, anything that looks better than RE4 on Gamecube?

For all the complaints about 360 games looking too close to their last-gen counterparts, there is at least the fact that the games are 720p, which makes a massive difference if you're playing on anything other than a 27" SDTV. Doubling the resolution at least requires double the horsepower even if all else stays the same.

i thought all those old videos were games being developed on gc hacked for wii development kits and not final hardware specs? even red steal looks better now than what it did originally

but if graphics is all youre going for youre never going to be satisfied with a wii, so theres no point in trying to even argue about it.

Orcus aint a troll he makes good points.

I like Nintendo, I like what Ive seen of the Wii, and I will get it first of all the next-gen systems.

But the graphics do not appear, as of now, technically, to be as good as other next gen systems.

Keep in mind

1) The games are not complete.

2) A large part of quality visuals is art direction, not the tech specs of the system.

3) Nintendo is focusing on gameplay and innovation.

Notice how fundamentally, orcus and I dont really disagree.

Foo, the video I'm talking about is the IGN one from last week's Leipzig games show, in which they showed Battalion Wars, Red Steel, Mario Strikers, Orchestra something-or-other, and maybe something else.

"orcus is too busy using incomplete or incorrect info."

Such as?


1) Doesn't the system come out next month?

2) I agree completely. ICO and SotC are, I think, the best looking games of last-gen, but graphically they don't come close to stuff like Splinter Cell 3 or Doom 3, two games that do nothing for me visually.

3) That's always the claim, but I certainly haven't seen it in the videos. And it still doesn't explain why everyone needs to buy a new system instead of a new controller.

One thing regarding DVD playback on the wii: Last mentioned the Wii will be able to play DVDs, but only with the purchase of a dongle. This was done to keep down the cost of the console by not forcing every customer to pay the DVD licensing fees. In short, the answer to question #2 I believe to be a yes.

Frankly, I'm excited for the Wii. I imagine the Wiimote will start much like the touchscreen on the DS. Lots of "use for the sake of use" type games at first. It wasn't until Kirby Canvas Curse came out for the DS were you really able to see how the touch screen could shine. I'm imagine most of the first games for the Wii will be similar in that regard. Once again, I'm crazy because I don't really care about graphics. So I end up playing right in to the hands of Nintendo this time around.

I watched the IGN video not too long ago too. Very underwhelming, to say the least. One part of that was because of the guys voice though. He just wasn't excited about anything so it was hard for me to be excited about any of it. Wii sports no longer interests me, the orchestra one looks kind of cool (I'd be willing to rent it). Red Steel looks pretty cool, but less cool than I had originally imagined it being. I've never been interested in Batallian Wars or the sequel and I'm still not interested. I'm going to trust what the guy said about standing so close to the TV being a problem. Luckily I will have plenty of room in front of my TV so that doesn't worry me.

1) Which games are we talking about?

2) Havnt seen ICO, but SOTC for sure. Metroid as well had a unique visual look. Theres many more.

3) I think the system was built as a vechile for the controller. They wouldnt release for a previous system because

a) the cube is dead

b) they want third party support, which they now have. No one supports an add on.

c) it shows Nintendo is 100% a new method of input. They want to change the direction of industry, you cant do that adding on to previous sytem that no one bought. THe new system is also allegedly twice as powerful than the previous gen systems. Make of that what you wil.

Isn't the system out next month? The IGN and 1up guys were playing the games last week. Do you think they're going to upgrade the hardware and all the games in the next week or two? Isn't the thing already in production?

the ign and 1up guys were playing the games 6 months ago, so what? the final hardware specs have never been released so its possible that all the companies have been working on the same dev kits that theyve had for forever.

They sent out wii dev kits and the systems was put into production months aog