questions about parboiling (ribs and chicken)

have a (semi) friend who works in the food industry

he says they all boil thir chicken wings and pork ribs before putting them on the grill or broil?

to kill all the stuff and pre cook them?

anyone know of this method and does it work?

do they parboil their steaks too?

The do that shit in restaurants to speed up the process and to prepare a bunch of them ahead of time.. No need to do that at home. Phone Post 3.0

thx kvr

yes...i do the same thing...gotta boil them ribs, before you cook them.

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I'm doing that right now at this very moment with some thick cut pork belly strips. Me and my son made a dry rub last night and applied with a splash of rice wine vinegar. Simmering them in the marinade with viniger and water....will deep fry half and broil may be good or bad, idk. Phone Post 3.0

Yes I've heard of parboiling both. It can cut frying time on chicken in half and makes ribs come out tender.

Obviously slow cooking them comes out better on the ribs, but the chicken is practically the same Phone Post 3.0

I used to use a rib recipe that involved a boil....they were great. I know it's considered sacrilege with some peeps. Phone Post 3.0

Always parboil pork. The other stuff doesn't matter.

I make baked wings. Parboil for 7-8 minutes then cook at 450 for 40 minutes. If you don't have a fryer and want to do a big batch of really crispy wings this is the way to go. Phone Post 3.0

Lays_Stax -

Always parboil pork. The other stuff doesn't matter.

Why is that? Phone Post 3.0

I'm cooking some wings in my big green egg right now. 3 hours at 230. I never boil them or my ribs. Phone Post 3.0