Questions about ringworm

Okay so two days ago I noticed a spot on my leg that is circuler shaped and all red. The only thing I can think it would be is ringworm but I shower after practice everytime and have never seen ringworm before so I don't know for sure.

Is it something I can fix with over the counter meds, or will I need to go to a docter to get it taken care of?

I am hoping to figure it out quick cause I don't want to train without knowing for sure if thats what it is, but don't want to miss too much training. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

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As far as wrestling w/ ring-worm.... i'd say please be nice to your training partners and wait till it clears up =P


We use defense soap at our training center and have never had any problems with ringworm. They have done tons of research and created a great product.


What about this Defense soap uses that I think?
Tea Tree Oil

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I have gotten it often. I am not advocating this for you or attempting to give true medical advice. Lawyers, is that good enough? Good now I'll proceed. Ringworm begins as an itchy spot that looks like a mosquito bite. Within hours or as much as a few days the center of the sore drops out and a red itchy ring remains. This is a fungus not a true parasite. A fungus reproduces asexually by sending off spores (fungus seeds). If you wrestle with ringworm you plant the spores on your clothes your partners and the mat. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Treatment with topical salves should continue for one week at a minimum and at least until the sore is completely dried and recessed to avoid passing it on. At home reapply the topical treatments and wrap the sore if possible to keep it soaked in the ointment and prevent spore migration.

I cheat. To keep from waiting a week I tape a bleach soaked cotton ball to the sore for a few minutes. This immediately kills the fungus and the spores reducing my down time. Warning if your skin is sensitive to bleach you will get third degree chemical burns. Try this at your own peril. I am fortunate that my skin can handle the acidity.

Use Lamisil until the spot is completely gone (and for a few days after)

The lamisil gel is probably the best "medicine" to use. Usually takes 1-2 weeks to clear it up. DO NOT ROLL while it's being treated, or you will infect someone else, and they will reinfect you. You can also do the bleach method, though it didn't work very well for me. Burned like a motherfucker, but the ringworm hung around.

I don't advocate what biggun says.

but that is what I do as well.