Questions About Spike TV

I am a bit confused about what happened with the UFC and Spike TV aside from the fact that people are posting "Versus is the UFC's new home". 1) Why is the UFC no longer on Spike TV? 2) How come UFC Unleashed episodes are playing as we speak on there? Obviously they must own the rights to them so does that mean the UFC will no longer make UFC Unleashed episodes? Or will they change the name of it to something else and air it on Versus instead? 3) Why was the UFC on that ION channel that time instead of Spike TV or VERSUS? Phone Post

I need my questions answered, people. I am clueless! Phone Post

The deal with Spike is still all good.

But the UFC wants to have a solid "Plan-B" in place, in case the Spike deal ever goes sour.

Spike and UFC made each other what they are today. Before the UFC/Spike deal, both were suffering. Ever since the UFC/Spike deal, both are rolling in cash.

Freedom of contract. Phone Post

The deal with spike ends this year (end of the year).

So what's going to happen? Phone Post