Questions about the picks.

Ok not to bash any fighter, but do Tito and Shammy know who the fuck is Ed Herman?  Ed Herman is one of my top picks to win the whole thing and I've stay a bit away from the "insider gossip".

Fuck the guy is a bad dude and has wins over Nick Thompson, Brian Ebersole, and Dave Menne to name a few.

He might be a prick and whatever, but the show "I think" is about wining not about a popularity contest and I would want to build the strongest team posible.

I was sure that Rory and Ed would be the first guys to be picked, well I was right on one!

yup..i thought picks one and two would be Herman and rory

130 views and only 2 comments? 

BTW I can not stand Bislip and he would get smashed by many 205 lbs that I know where in the alternate list.

Wrong. Bisping is legit, and a bad man.

Tito said he didn't know who he was when they chose teams and found out later how good of a fighter he is. Watch the 3rd episode again (I think), he says he's kicking himself in the ass for not knowing who he is and not picking him.

Ok I saw 2 of his fights and given he is exiting and very tough.  However, I think he was choosen more for the entertaining factor on TV than anything else.

Which, by now I do understand, it just drives me crazy.  Why I don't like Bisip, for the same reason I did ot like Leben on the show.  I think that they do bring drama and whatever else, but the shit talking to the point of unfunny, and arrogance is not my cup of tea (pun intended). 

Do get confused, I love shit talking, but be funny.  Besides, I do not know him from adam, just TV rubbed me the wrong way.  Unfortunately, I do not think that there is one guy in the show that can beat him.  However, I know of 3 alternates that would smash him flat! Maybe Hamil or Nickels could be a good challenge but I think he still would win.

yea, Tito admits he made a mistake there, and I'm not giving shamrock credit for picking him because it was a late pick. I don't think Tito should get background info on these guys anyways before he picks them it may make him bias during the first training session, both coaches should make picks based on who they think looks best in the intro training sesion.

LOL@ anyone smashing Bisping flat. The only marks against him are his wrestling and the fact he is a pretty small LHW. So I can see some oversized LHW wrestler coming in and dry humping him for a dec. win but otherwise Bisping is going to smash everyone up...

To be honest, he's been quite reserved and well behaved around the house so far....

Well Bunnymonster I guess we'll have to wait and see when he faces real opossition.  Hey do not take me wrong I think he would be ok at 185, but at 205 I can think of at least 3 guys that where placed in the alternate list.

Lol Bisping is going to win imo and he is just sticking up for himself sure hes cocky but he isnt half as bad as Herman

Why is Herman so fired up at Tito? It's not like Ken chose him with his first pick either. Is there something we're missing because of the editing?