Questions about Vitamin B

Any of you take Vitamin B suppliments? I want to take it for overall energy increase and increased metabolism.

I've heard of people taking just B12, but others suggest just taking an overall B vitamin because all the different Bs work together.

Any input on this?

Oh yea, another thing. Just curious if you guys think it's ok to take Vitamin B even though I'm already taking a multivitamin.

You can grab a B Complex which has all the B vitamins. Yeah it's ok to take it and take a multi since B vitamins are water soluble; most multi already have a lot of B in them so just check yours.

I have personally found that desaicated liver tablets are better for energy. The best ones, I believe, are the ones Ron Kosloff sells. He bought Vince Gironda's old supplement company and makes really good old school products like liver, milk and egg protein, etc. You can call him at 313.3721807 in Detroit.