Questions for BJJ Club Owners

Can you please post if your club allows walk in please. My buddy was invited to DATC in St.Catharines on the weekend by one of the instructors where the club was having open matt and when my friend and I arrived there, we were told that we weren't allowed to roll by the owner/head instructor which totally pissed me off, because the one instructor invited us to come. I was also informed that DATC had invited a bunch of clubs to come to this open matt, but Gracie Barra Niagara was not one of the clubs that were invited. Just for future reference, can you please post on here if your club allows walk ins. Let me start the list by welcoming ANYONE to come to our club and train for the day. Walk ins are always welcomed at Gracie Barra Niagara. Thanks

Gracie Barra Niagara are good people!! There loss.....



 Gracie Barra London has walk ins.

Toshido MMA loves to have new guys come in and roll.

Please come and visit!

I have travelled all over Canada and the US for years for work and trained in pretty much every major city. I have never been refused access and I have always appreciate the hospitality the large and small clubs have shown me.

I think that this openness is a key ingredient why BJJ is getting better all the time since it it encourages the exchange of new ideas while it allows everyone to question and improve your current techniques.

No walk-ins means that somewhere, somehow, a douchebag is calling the shots.

Mr Stark - No walk-ins means that somewhere, somehow, a douchebag is calling the shots.


This is the link to the club that wouldn't allow us to train. Incase anyone is down in the Niagara area, u know where u CAN'T stop in and train.

They are having a tournament this weekend, I am sure if you pay the entrance you will be allowed to compete. This could be your shot at redemption.


this event will be held at DEFENSIVE ARTS TRAINING CENTRE in st. catharines. it will be held on sunday, april 11th and weigh ins will start at 2pm. this event is no gi and round robin.

cost is $20 for members, $30 for non members and $15 to be a member.

this event is pre register only! to pre register email andrew at with your weight and experience level.

It was a open matt roll amongst some clubs that the teachers know each other.Are clubs know and are affiated in some way with each other so we had a open matts amongst each other.Thier was very little space for the people there and the amount of allowed time to roll wouldnt have been fair it we hAD anymore peole.We were pretty much full.
So to be fare to the people that came who had travelled 2-3hrs to make it so they had matt time and enough chances to roll for driving that far might have been the reson.

Please double check with the instructor!!
When I travel to Vancouver to visit my father last year I was warmly welcome by Gracie Barra Vancouver - & on a occasion when I visit Toronto, when time permitting I visit Turning Point Training Method -

As a fellow Canadian who is living in New York State, if you guys happen to be traveling to Syracuse or NYC and need a place roll just shot me an email. Free training for all my fellow Canadian!! 15 minutes from the Waterloo Outlet Mall.

Fusion Mixed Martial Arts

Everybody is welcome at MECCA in Toronto for class drop-ins, open mats and seminars. We frequently have out-of-town visitors and can often find you a place to crash if you're staying overnight or longer. 

you see this open matt isnt one that happens all the time its once a month guys amongst 4 clubs so we know how many are coming ahead of time so we can plan for the time right.If we had know more people where coming we coildve had a longer time to roll or bigger place ..It was a open matt among a couple clubs and yes other clubs would be allowed if we knew ahead of time so we could plan it better.the club we were at was small and cramed it was packed enough were it couldve been dangerous already with the little space.
Its not that we wouldnt mind other clubs its a safety factor to


Bit of a bummer that you were invited to train then denied at the last min. Drop ins always welcome at Gracie Barra Niagara.

Dork who are you?

It would be nice to have a list of BJJ clubs that will allow drop ins.

This summer I plan on taking the family to Toronto,Ottawa and Montreal.We (my son Jake and I) want to hit some clubs to train at during this time.We plan on hitting Gracie Barra in Montreal(as we are members of Gracie Barra London).However it would be nice to find a couple of clubs in Ottawa and Toronto that we could drop into train at.

I would love to have Jake get a couple of privates from different instructors as well.


maybe they could smell that you hadn't washed your gi in some time.