Questions for Jorge Gurgel?

Hi everyone.

Starting tomorrow I'll be spending 4 days with Jorge in Halifax to work on an in-depth profile for Sherdog. The goal is to allow fans the opportunity to get to know fighters more as people.

If anyone has any questions for Jorge from his time in Brazil, to his training, to his future... post them here.

Please be respectful.

What does he think of a fight between himself and Kenflo?

Good question. We'll see how he thinks he'd fare against other BJJ BB's.

Both guys are good BJJ BB's. Which always makes for a good fight to begin with.

Both guys fought above their weight class on TUF. Injured and all.

Both have been working on their stand up. Although we have seen only Jorge's stand up in action.

Add the MMA factor in and I think at 155, both these guys would be entertaining in a fight.