Questions for Randy Couture??

Hey Everybody

Im doing a 2 day seminar tomorrow with Team Quest members Randy Couture, Matt Lindland and Dan Henderson.

Gerald Strebedent earlier this week rplied to a post about seminar values, pros/cons. Also he said that he had some questions for Randy and Matt that would make the seminar worthwhile.(eg how do you always set up double underhooks in MMA, what takedowns do you like/dislike for MMA?, Randy's diet, resistance training )

In response to this Im asking all forum members If you have any questions for any of these three great athletes in relation to MMA please post them and I'll try to get the answers during the seminar and post the answers or email them.

Obviously only serious questions will be asked. Hopefully some of the obvious internet trolling wont happen on this post. Feel free to post I'll check before leaving for the seminar

cya everyone

Greg Compton, Kingston, Ontario

Isn't Matt fighting in Hawaii tonight?

Yeah heres one, i usually dont have too much trouble getting a body lock, but i often have trouble finishing a takedown, what suggestions do you have?

Also when an opponent gets overhooks and i can't get lower with a body lock, how do i defend a takedown?

Thanks :)

oops i was on my bro in laws account :P

That was me lol