Questions for Rickson

With all the recent Rickson podcasts coming up maybe some more interviews are in the making and so I was just thinking about the questions I would have asked Rickson. So if anyone else will may do another interview with Rickson, feel free to use some of these question.;-);-)

When it comes to BJJ how differs your style from the style of your brothers? Would you say that you are just doing the same stuff on a higher level or are you using a complete different technical concept?
You are famous for using pressure can you elaborate a little more about this topic? What is the idea behind that concept and how you are creating it?
Also posture is something you always refer to can you talk a little about the reasons for having good posture and what it exactly mean to have?
You always talk about breathing and we all could see you doing different breathing exercises in “Choke”. What are the main reasons for having a breathing practice? Do you feel that controlling your breath is helping you to control your emotions?
In your competitive days how much time you spent on Solo exercises? Obviously you did a lot in Choke how much important they were for your performance?
Connection is another aspect of your Jiu Jitsu which you always present in your seminars? How you came up with the idea of connection since not many people in BJJ are using it? How would you describe the term connection in simple words?
Some of the principles you are teaching seem more like coming from internal martial arts styles like Tai Chi or Aikido but used with real world fighting techniques of Jiu Jitsu. Did you get inspired from these disciplines or where does all the invisible stuff has its roots?
You have talked in your interviews about the “inner animal” and instinctive state of being and being able to feel yourself and your opponent better. Can you say more about it?
In modern MMA even BJJ guys tend to switch to Kickboxing when they fight standing up. You often mentioned that you have a totally different approach in your stand up game.  What are the key elements in timing and distance you use to make the clinch happen?
Would you say that your progress in BJJ happened more through intellectual analyzing or by learning with and through your body and feeling?
What are the 3 key elements of Jiu Jitsu?
In a fight.  How much of what he is doing is strategy and how much is spontaneous expression and improvisation? Does he feel that the ability to feel and improvise in the moment helped him a lot in his BJJ career?
Even so you were the best BJJ fighter in history what are you considering your weaknesses or are there any parts of Jiu Jitsu you still would love to research more to get a better understanding of it?


I'd love to hear his input on all of these Phone Post 3.0

I second that emotion.

Do you think the gi will always be a vital part of jiu jitsu? What do you think are the greatest benefits of the gi? Phone Post 3.0

Great to see that some of my questions have made it;-);-)