Questions for the HG...

What is the weather like out there?

And do you like living there?

How many schools are out there?

more questions for the HG...

*Femme Nu or Club939?

*J&J or DHC?

*Kukui st. hookers or Kuhio ave. hookers?

give the HG about 30 more minutes to roll into the office RaRa,

then the answers will come.

don't forget to ask Doc Mason for your Super Hero & GI Joe character.






...from just a frequent visitor's

Diken, the video isn't playing babe

When are you coming back out RaRa?


-Weather has been in the mid 70's to the low 80's for the past week.

-I love living here, you meet the most interesting people. Just yesterday I met a 5 day RICK-son Gracie blue belt and got BJ at breakfast. BJ is looking in good for his upcoming UFC bout.

-There are a lot of BJJ, MMA, TMA, and garage teams and schools  out here.

 Oh and best Acai = J&J. Yeah they cut it with regular ghetto yellow bananas,  yes they use sambazon, but it's a good neighborhood in the midst of 2.5 yoga studios and the owners aren't bi-polar.

Dirty Curty's backyard Dojo?


I forgot to list one more acai choice.
FCTV's homemade.

FearMir = Kamaaina already.

Mmmm... I love ghetto yellow bananas lol :)

how about hapa haole bananas???

HAHA... NO! lol

damn.. just damn.. lol

let me gues.. you prefer egg plant?

I saw those rampage pics :-(

lol... I prefer ripe yellow bananas over egg plant any day! :)

Ripe yellow? Or ghetto bannana that has the sort of tan/brownish peel?

MT asks the questions that need to be asked!

would that be the bannana with the bunny rabit at the end of it? bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ok guys.. now its getting weird lol

dont chase her off until she gives us the tapout invite :-)

lol... I don't know how to answer these questions ha!

Hey, I was the one asking the questions!!!! =P

boy mt if thats not caling the kettle black, :)