Questions on Illinios MMA

I have heard recently that mma events were thrown in with "toughman contests" and banned in the Illinios sometime earlier this year or last year. I attended extreme challenge 51, which at the time was a legal (to my knowledge) event, however, shortly after that event I heard that a woman died in a toughman match in southern IL and it was all banned. Anyone who has any information on this, or who knows where I might look to find more info on this would be greatly appreciated.


MMA is illegal in the sense that we know it.

You can have events like Shidokan, where in the MMA there is no striking on the ground (just grappling).

make a "ATTN: Rich Santoro" thread, since he's pretty much the authority on the matters.

as far as i know there have been MMA events in southern IL recently...

okay, will do, thanks a lot guys

I could be wrong but i dont think shidokan is allowed anymore

I have heard the Gov Blagoevich banned MMA in Illinois like a year or soemthing ago, but I have attended 2 events in Illinois since hearing that, so I don't exactly know whats up, I think if you have a little political pull you can pull a show off. But I honestly have no idea.


Courage Fighting Championships was in Dekatur Illinois.

There have been no deaths in any Southern IL toughman events (I was in the last one here in 2001).

As stated above, Rich Santoro is the man with all the legal knowledge on this subject.