Questuon for OG PC Hardware Guru's

I got a new MSI z590m mobo and the thing wont post or show any signs of life. I put it on the bench since it did fuck all after i installed the thing already.

Question before i send it back

It should just need the 24pin, 8pin, cpu, cpu fan, hdmi connection, and RAM installed for it to post right?

I can also feel the heat sink get pretty hot just having the psu connected without the unit being operational which seems suspect to me there is a short somewhere. I tested the psu and its fine (agk850).

I tested my old mobo on the same bench and got it to post but its an atx vs a micro atx so i wasnt sure if there is something else stupid i need to connect

Are you sure the power supply is good? Sometimes that can cause problems like this even though it’s powering up.

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Sorry. Just read that you test another board successfully with it.

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