Quick clarification of A.S.A.P

Mr. Blauer or any PDR coach,

I was going over my notes and need a clarity update. What does the first A in ASAP stand for

S. Speed
A. Aggression
P. Proximity

I neglected to write that one down. Thanks in advance for any help.

I think its Awareness



The A-SAP model from the SPEAR System is:

Awareness at the time of the attack

Speed of the attack

Aggression of attack

Proximity of the attack

For those of you who have'nt seen it before it's a very powerful learning tool used to help illustrate where you may find yourself in the 'flinch conversion process' during a suprise attack.

The reason for the dash is that your level of awareness at the time of the attack is the generally the most critical element:

For example - An attack can be fast, close and aggressive but if you pick up the pre-contact cues and move at the 'intention to action' phase you may be fully tactical.

Conversely, a pillow placed slowly over your face while you are sleeping will likely cause a primal response.

Hope that Helps,


Thank you Phil and Chuck. I was writing,listening and watching at the same time. While re-writing and re-viewing my notes I had to make sure I was not mistaken. The clarity is back.... Brad

A deeper evolution to perhaps to view the ASAP formula and further peel down the onion is to realize what the Bad Guy controls and what the Good Guy controls

In the attack/ambush...The Bad Guy controls the "timeline of the fight" which include the

Speed of the attack, its aggression and the proximity
of the attacker to you(SAP).

The Good Guy controls the things that allow you to have tactics to do something, he controls .....

Skills / Ability (Do you have the tools to solve the problem, have you trained for it?)

Consent (Do you want to engage the problem, do you give yourself permission?)

Awareness (are you aware of the problem, surprise, suspicion, certainty)

Hope that helps in allowing you to further explore both sides of the event. A combatives coach once told us "that the clarity in which we define something determines its usefulness" J

Take Care

Joe Mullings

Thank you Joe....I have been mentally training and practicing the past few days. I call it making onion rings....As I write out more and more confrontation timelines I appreciate the true adaptability of the system. After the defuse stage has failed ( as long as YOUR pride or ego has not dictated YOUR strategy ) The shift between force options is seamless, as dictated by your scenario. Just waiting for the new tapes to come in and then it is on to some training...Hope to see you in Jan. & Feb. Thanks again, Brad

GOod stuff guys.