Quick Energy Booster

Scenario: So you have approximately one hour before you hit the gym or go training and want something to boost your energy. What do you guys eat or drink for this boost? recommendations?

you have the option of eating a powerbar or making an easy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Which one do you prefer? They seem to pretty similar if you count the carbs and protein. I'm not sure about other chemmical benefits the powerbar might hold.


I have a cup of green tea :)

I always just ate some fruit and drank a cup of coffee

Try a tablespoon or two of olive oil...I have been doing this about 1-2 hours pre-workout every day this past week.

I'm not kidding--it works! You'll have more energy than with powerbars or simple carbs!

Try it!

I'll try that out. I used to take 2 tablespoons of flax and i thought that gave me a bit of a boost. maybe fat is a natural testosterone booster.

Before your workout, do you take the olive oil straight, do you mix it with something, or do you chase it?

I have a small balanced snack and a glass of water. Something w/ P/C/F.

Banana and some soy milk.

What does the brandy do?