Quick give me some info!

Give me some info about guitars, just some quick info on the main guitar makers or something

I have a interview today at the local shop for a job over christmas, i doubt i'll get it since there are probably hundreds of people with more knowledge and who can play better then me, but i've been going to this place for probably 6 years now so they know me... so we will see what happens

Give me some info that will impress them!!

It isn't product info that will get you the job.

It is your ability to sell yourself.

Go in there with the attitude that if hired,you will provide the best customer service and FOLLOW UP that is possible. Tell them you will take home any printed material on their product lines and learn them on your own time. Tell them that you understand the need to make sales go quickly and smoothly for customers during this season and that you can help the store maximize profits by adding items to sales("You're going to need a cable,strap,tuner,extra strings,picks,electric dog polisher,etc. with that new guitar aren't you?).

Let the store tell you what they specifically want you to sell and how.

Not being able to play well is rarely a factor. Often the customer wants to do most of the playing, and if not, it's likely because they are a worse player than you and you will dazzle them with your skills. Just play what you are good at. You're not giving a concert. In fact, "salesmen" who sit and wank for customers get fewer sales. You tempt the customer with the piece,not drown them in it. The best salesman I ever knew in this business could barely tune a guitar, much less play one, he was just a ballsy,badass salesman.

Other than that, come back when you have specific questions about how to sell particular features of instruments and I'll see if I can help.

Just make them NEED to give you that job. A good salesman sells him(or her)self. The product is irrelevant.

Thanks! that makes sense, i am off now for the interview, i'll post later about how it went

Back, it went pretty smooth because the guys interviewing me both knew me by name just from being in there so much, but i also saw a lot of familiar faces around waiting to get talked to so who knows, looks like they are looking for someone who knows the store and the people who work there and come there, i'll know by tomorrow night whether i got it

Was it Steve's?


Hmmm, I guess I could delete all the posts before this one and wish you good luck.

What are you going to be doing?

So? Are you a music store lackey yet? ;)

Nope ... i was rejected!

They got some guy who has worked there in the past