Quick, Need Bay area bjj, mma pls

Hey guys, just have a friend down in the bay area, asked the immortal question 'what kind of martial art should I take?'

I know of Ralph Gracie in SF, and Mountian View, anyone else with good schools in or around the Bay?


ok Zen,

i found some gracie academies,, is there a link page with bay area info somewhere? I'd like to make sure this guys doesn't end up in a Mcdojo somewhere.

There's the ones you mentioned and then there's the AKA with Frank Shamrock's submission class and David Camarillo teaching bjj there as well.

Where in the bay area is your friend??

for probably the best combination of submission grappling, bjj, boxing, and overall mma training.. cant go wrong with cesar gracie. www.graciefighter.com