Quick NHL question

I do not watch the NHL but I know Julien just got fired from the Bruins. Was the coach for Montreal already on the way out or did they fire him just to sign Julien?

Canadiens haven't been doing that well lately. Change was coming so no surprise but to already have a guy at the press conference to replace him just doesn't happen... it's kinda slimy in a way which is why it's news.

Montreal seems to like coaches coming back for round 2.

I'm a Boston fan, and it seems like everyone here is rooting for claude. Him getting fired was strange. He is loved by all, but the players were not doing it.

The Bruins front office should have looked in the mirror as they fired Claude. Because Neely should have been first. The bad is on Cam 1st. As great as a player he was, he is a haddock as a president.

Firing your coach when you're in first place in your division always works out so well. The Devils managed to go from 1st to out in the second round in 2007, and they fired Julien with 3 games left. Their GM took over, who was a capable coach with the Devils previously.

Montreal insists on French Canadian personnel, which severely limits their options. It's no wonder they haven't won a cup in almost a quarter century.