Quick Pride Observations

Quick Pride thoughts...

Excellent show overall. Glad they didn't only interview the winners beforehand, too. We even got a major upset and lots of good fights. Not sure how Pride does it, but they find a way to make fights exciting and give us decisive finishes. Maybe it's a mental thing, but I like not having the clock in the corner. For some reason when I see that if *feels* like there are points involved and that fights going to decisions will happen as a result.

Sergei impressed me! I had a feeling that from the initial staredown he knew something nobody else did. Other than a bloody nose, he owned Ninja beginning to end. He also showed the best display of setting things up with body punches we have ever seen in MMA. Yes, people have landed body kicks and thrown shots in the corner, but he was throwing legit body punches in striking range. I think he'll give ANYONE problems in round 2 and could win the whole thing if he either gets a good draw or fights an injured foe along the way.

Mino looked very human again and Yokoi looked solid. I've never seen that reverse scarf choke used in MMA before - too sweet! Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think Mino's boxing work showed at all. He looked tenetive, but then again, Yokoi is a really good opponent and definitely has a future.

Takahashi's guard is the WORST ever. I read someone comparing him to Harold Howard and I laughed out loud. I totally agree. He had no gameplan once the guillotine failed. Herring looked good but it's still painfull to predict "right leg round kick" from him whenever he's standing. Herring is always dangerous, but if he he can ever integrate a new standing attack, he'll be a lot more difficult to time.

Coleman looked good! Anyone that doesn't think so is crazy. He had Fedor in pretty serious trouble and as ALWAYS is simply irreversable. You might escape, but Mark isn't going to be put on his back. With that said, Fedor's armbar was the fastest I've ever seen from a big man and NOBODY has tapped Coleman like that. He didn't fight it or even have a chance. Fedor proves that not only can he fight from his back, he took out a legend with style.

Ogawa's fight looked fishy...mainly because they never showed any replays! Leko has been working on his ground game for "years" and did that poorly? Ogawa floored him with what looked like a phantom punch? A head+arm choke working in less than 2 seconds? Tough to cry work when I couldn't see any replays, but I question if they did that on purpose. I guess I'm curious to see what other people think. If Ogawa moves on, he loses...against anyone, Giant included.

Giant looked calm for a big guy. I'm shocked he even knew a sub, too. For a freakshow match, the Giant did better than I thought. Obviously he won't be subbing anyone else, but his size really could be a problem for some guys.

Randleman shocked us all! I knew he belonged in the ring with Cro-Cop, but we saw the Randleman we all knew existed last night! Not only does he throw that insanely fast left, but he kept his hands up and did everyone listen to what he said about Cro-Cop's hips? That was right on. He had a flawless gameplan and I don't think Cro-Cop even got a kick off. I like to watch Cro-Cop fight, but he seems SO aloof that it was nice seeing him not only lose, but getting knocked out twice in 10 seconds was pretty sweet. I'm curious what *his* thoughts on things are.

I'd hate to see your extended observations. LOL