Quick Reminder for UFC Fans

You are the worst ever. I'm ashamed to be one of you. As a charitable exercise, I thought we could go over [five] quick rules to keep you from embarassing yourself (and me) further.

So without further ado, let's go over some basics for the next event, shall we?

  1. Don't boo men who put their ass on the line for your viewing pleasure. They train hard and deserve respect.

  2. Don't boo because someone doesn't live near you. It's really out of the guy's control, you know? Make the fighter feel welcomed. If a fighter is from Japan or Europe or Russia...just clap for him.

  3. Don't boo because you're rooting for the other guy. Just be silent instead if you have a hard time keeping the raging asshole from erupting within you, hmm?

  4. Don't boo just because others are booing. I know you want your presence known and to be a part...which is why you're wearing all your tapout gear and, secretly, a woman's thong from Tapout taboot, which makes you a little fidgety (yeah, people DO notice you picking at your ass).

  5. You can boo if a guy fouls another fighter. It's just a contest. We don't need to maim or seriously injure or kill anyone. Mike Kyle, for instance, can be boo'ed.

That's all. Thanks for your time.

Thank you for making the point.

SaintDogg, remember when Tito was boo'd after beating Forest? What in the world's up with that? Tito won! If you thought Forest one, how does that translate into hazing Tito???

The UFC fan is more fickle than a female with manic depression on her nastiest period.

Not a bad post.

I'd like to think so, SaintDogg...but I've never EVER seen a MMA event where the fans didn't embarass the fighters, the announcers and themselves. Even our very own Joe Rogan gets this wtf??? look in his face and says, "I have no idea what you're booing about".

At an event I attended here in Del Mar CA, the announcer actually asked the fans to stop booing and be more considerate.

It's damned embarassing.

thank you, unregistered use, for exemplifying the very type of person I loath. Your connection to the "bigger picture" is model for us all.

i guess you have never been to a pro baseball or football game. i boo the other team if i feel like it, hell i boo my team if they fuck up.



If a person pays big money for UFC tickets and a fighter is not from their region it is wrong to boo them.

If a person pays money though and two fighters refuse to engage and just wait for their opponent to do something first and this has been happenning for two and a half rounds already than they have paid for the right to boo

Miller just added rule #6 - Fighters who refusee to engage may be booed.

"Rastus, please realize there is a difference between MMA fans and drunk
morons in the UFC attendance who do not know shit about shit when it
comes to mma."

"At an event I attended here in Del Mar CA, the announcer actually asked
the fans to stop booing and be more considerate."

I can assure you that true MMA fans were not the ones booing. The
problem = California. California sports-goers are just this way. It is an
event, a 'cool thing' to do or be at. Cali sports goers boo for all the wrong
reasons. They show up late and leave early. This is fact, but I bet we see
or hear more unnecessary booing in CA than anywhere else.

I disagree, you can BOO if you like! You don't like the fighter, the outcome or where they are from- BOOOOO

I totally agree with what you're saying. Boo-ing is disrespectful and completely unnecessary.

Just a thought -

The UFC promotes such notions as "USA vs. Canada" and then hold the event in the USA. Probably 95% of the attendants are American. Any person with a sense of National pride will be cheering for "Team America". Add in a lot of alcohol and a few too many red-necks and you gets booos. Maybe the UFC should market the events differently to avoid a sense of "he is from some where foreign - must boo him and support the US.


That promotion was offensive to me - to make half of the fighters "the enemy", because the event was in the USA. Do I consider fighters like Loiseau and StPierre "foreigners" and get my xenophobic kicks by booing them? Of course not!

Stupid promotion, and I'm glad the Canadian fighters protested the characterization in the post fight interviews.


While I wouldn't doubt that CA fans are amongst the worst - spoiled, over-weened brats most of whom probably still breast feed - the problem is pandemic. CA just received sanctioning for MMA events, if you recall.

oh, and CanadaGirl - part of the reason I made Rule #2 was the Canada vs US promotion. It's a guaranteed way to get half the fighters boo'ed.

A UFC fan with self-knowledge would be compelled to boo himself.

I personally don't "BOO". If I was a UFC fighter I would like to be cheered for rather than BOOOOOED. However, I would rather be BOOED than hear nothing at all. Atleast they are being noticed. Being BOOED will get you more fights, which in return will make you money. If the fans are don't cheer or boo for a fighter, Dana know that knowbody cares about that fighter.

"Being BOOED will get you more fights"

Well, if one is concocting a WWF persona, then that's fine. In fact, I'll bet many of the snot-noses booing so hard the phlegm flutters out horizontally from their flared nostrils...I'll bet most of them are WWF fans who take a great delight in crowd participation. The WWF is big on having good-guys and villains.

They may not be aware enough to realize that behavior of crowd participation does not have a perfect carry-over to MMA.

"i guess you have never been to a pro baseball or football game. i boo the other team if i feel like it, hell i boo my team if they fuck up."

Baseball sux, though...

A UFC fan would leave a baseball game with laryngitis, having boo'd the entire game at full volume.

I boo Krazy Horse because he's a suckubus. Try to stop me.