Quick thanks to SPRAWL

This last weekend I fought at "Rumble of the Bronx" in Bristol, England. I fought Rodney Moore (7-1-1) in the main event and two of my teammates, Rinat and Henning, made their pro debuts on the same show. We were all supplied with top-notch fightwear from SPRAWL, so thanks a lot to them for helping out!


Here are the official fight reports from Cage Warriors' website:

Rinat Kamalov (Russia) V Andy Bridges (N.I.)

In true Russian sporting tradition, Rinat came out to his national anthem,
which was a stroke of entertainment genius. To start the fight, Andy flew
across the cage and clinched with the Russian, who wasted no time in picking
him up and slamming him down near the cage, landing in sidemount.

Immediately Rinat worked to put his knee on Andy's belly, but he was held up
as Andy trapped his arm. For Rinat, two horrific knees to the body secured
the release of his arm, but, to escape the position, Andy exploded back to
his feet.

Sinking low to attempt a takedown, Andy left his neck vulnerable and was
distraught to then be caught in a guillotine by his opponent. Rinat wins via
submission to a guillotine.

Henning Svendsen (Norway) V Simon Boulter

From the start it was clear that Henning was looking to land a huge,
fight-ending punch as he surged forward at Simon throwing absolute bombs.
Simon did well to fend off the initial attack.

After again closing the distance, Henning briefly put Simon on the floor,
but stood back to allow him to regain his feet. Once his opponent was
standing Henning launched himself forward, disrupting the guard with a wide
left hook to then land the perfect straight right hand.

Simon dropped and, worryingly, was out cold for a moment, only to make a
full recovery. Henning wins by Knock Out

Jakob Sverre Lovstad (Norway) V Rod Moore (N.I.)

For the main event the 93Kg champion of Finn Fight was flown in to face Rod
Moore from Northern Ireland's Dog Pitt Team.

Rod started well with a right low kick, but a double leg takedown from Jakob
put him flat on his back as the Norwegian moved to side mount. Rod did well
to regain half-guard, but Jakob was unrelenting as he worked hard to improve
position, until he took full mount. Once comfortable, Jakob sat up high to
pound his Irish opponent.

He gave the crowd a glimpse of his Finn Fight Vale Tudo style by
aggressively smashing in a right elbow to add to the stream of nasty punches
that were taking their toll on Rod.

Before long, it was clear that Rod had suffered quite a nasty cut above his
eyebrow. Unfortunately, after an inspection from the doctor, it was deemed
that his injury was too severe to continue.

Jakob wins by doctor stoppage due to a cut.


sprawl is top notch.

congrats on your win Jakob. any plans to come stateside again and get a fight here while visiting?

nice win

I'd love to if Kirik would reply to my mails about coming over :-) I think he's just a little bit busy, but I'll try yelling at him and see what happens :-)

There are some quite exciting matches coming up for us soon either way, though. Have some interesting offers on the table and I'm sure we'll be back at this event. Ollie, Alex, Mark and the rest of the Angrr Management guys took good care of us ;-)

Our only request is that the ringgirls show up at the next after-fight party :-)

congrats Striking

i got a pair and i love them.. but im a nobody right now


Thanks :-)

and ttt!

damn it Kirik. Bring the Striking Viking to the U.S.



ttt for Kirik to see this, dammit :)