quick ?

sweaty palms + deadlifts = having to put bar down before i've even come within 2-3 reps of failure

if i use chalk or something like that, would i be robbing myself of some grip training

reasoning: the sweaty palm thing forces me to grip tighter...

I wipe my hands on my shirt, problem solved. Letting go of the bar and resetting your grip is no problem. Deadlifts are good for your grip, but they're a grip exercise per se. Don't let limitations in your grip keep you from DL'ing as much as you could otherwise. Do supplementary grip work instead.

Use chalk if you have to, making the exercise more difficult by sweating isn't the way to go. You'd probalby get more of a workout by being able to do the extra 2-3 reps. Plus dl works a lot more than your grip.

jonwell, wiping hands on shirt doesn't work for me

dry hands on dry bar turns into slimy bar/hands in just a couple of reps

and i've been doing wrist curls/hammer curls trying to strengthen my grip, it has helped a bit,

but yeah, i guess it's chalk from now on

it just sucks cause before i took a long break from lifting, i did not have any problem with grip in d/l

the same weight i'm doing now that slips out of my right hand only, at 8 reps...i could've done 30 reps with it before

Use chalk dude.  It isn't going to weaken your grip!

You don't see no rock climbing NOT use chalk!