Quicksilver: So I was thinking...

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Average - Btw: Told my friend at work today about this, and he made a quick calculation.

distance from the guards pistols to wolverine, velocity of a ca. 9mm bullet, and distance travelled by QS and the bullet. QS goes across the room, then comes back running around the walls. One bullet almost reaches wolverine. We took that distance.

When he was done, the math equalled to 6600 km/h, so roughly Mach 6.6

Which would him make faster than a bullet (easy), faster than a bullet out of a high powered riffle, but about equally as fast, as a tank fired shell.

I like those numbers, they would make for good writing. But then again... he did not run that distance in one line, he stoped and had fun with other things on the way, so that would make him way faster.

Also as somebody mentioned.. at one point, he looks at a frozen bullet...

He seems to be able to change gear during that clip. But wait.. if he can be "much faster than fast"... why would he need to run? He's running along the wall, the soup is moving... but with the bullet he's standing right there and its frozen?

lol, ok, that's asking for way too much, what counted were the effects and ideas. But yeah, OP.

The problem I have with QS in that scene is the same problem I have the Flash in general.  Something zipping around a small enclosed area at mach 6+ and there's no collateral damage.  I don't think so.....

spits venom

The again, Fox doesn't seem to give a rat's backside about being faithful to the source, so there you go......

Not only is he moving that fast, but it also means he's able to think even faster!

In reality, his power set isn't moving fast, it's creating a portal where he slows down time!

When the depowered mutant Quicksilver subjected himself to the Mist, he gained the ability to travel through time as an acute enhancement to his former super-speed. Phone Post 3.0

http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/4773/135726-59070-quicksilver.JPG Phone Post 3.0