Quigg/Martinez Crolla/Perez

Anyone smelling a bad night for Matchroom or business as usual?

Also, for UK fans John Wayne Hibbert v Dave Ryan are doing it all over again later in the year @ the O2 ?? Phone Post 3.0

I think Martinez will KO Quigg

You realise that Frampton is fightng tomorrow?

I think martinez will be all that quigg bargained for and more.
I like Scott quigg but he doesn't have the fire power or boxing brain that Frampton has and Frampton boxed on the back foot twice against martinez. Phone Post 3.0

I agree Browny, though Frames refuses to recognise the court

Frampton has got a gimmie stateside, a nothing fight, I rate him though. I don't know what you're on about.

Josh Taylor makes his debut on that card.

Got a feeling Quigg will stop Martinez but it's his biggest test to date.

Frampton(barry) needs to show some willingness to fight some top guys.

All the other big players in the division seem to be making moves now, finally. Phone Post 3.0

You have always thought Quigg should be favoured over Frampton

Initially, before they both stepped up a level, I gave a slight edge to Quigg I think his size and discipline would be a problem for Frampton. I think Quigg needs a big test now, right now I'd lean slightly towards Frampton but that's mainly because he's been steady at a decent level now and some of Quiggs recent opposition as been dreadful but his record still doesn't impress me, neither does his reluctance to make any of these big fights happen.

For those picking Martinez, I was at the weighins today, Quigg with be HUGE in the ring next to Martinez btw, he's the same size as Floyd/Khan etc kiko is a midget. Phone Post 3.0

BOOM Phone Post 3.0

"We need to decide what I am going to do from here, whether I stay at this weight or go to featherweight. I don't know."

- Carl Frampton

lol @ this. Phone Post 3.0

Back to favouring Quigg then?

Not going to spend any more time comparing them, the fight is not happening while Barry is involved, it is almost completely out of the equation now. He's clearly got no intention of fighting the top superbantams. There are some good paydays for him against various faded featherweights.

Quigg looks to have Doniare lined up. That's a proper test. Barry Mcguigan is protecting Frampton from these guys, the rumors about Frampton in sparring are obviously true. Phone Post 3.0

Looking forward to Frampton v Darchinyan already.

Just needs to steers clear of Selby/Warrington , not to mention Lomachenko, Walters & Russell Jnr etc Phone Post 3.0

You love sparring rumours

I wish I was articulate enough to tell you how impressed I am when you talk about them. Shows you have real inside knowledge

As far as I know this is a freshly circulated rumour as of today. Nothing to do with me.

“If Frampton is getting knocked over twice by the eleventh best super bantamweight in Mexico, he isn’t going five or six rounds with Scott Quigg. Frampton will now move up to feather[weight] as an excuse for avoiding Scott Quigg. We know the stories about his sparring and we know his frailties. We saw it tonight. He isn't going to get hit like that and survive the fight.” said Hearn.

I've absolutely no idea who beat him up in sparring, I've tried to find out. It might just be Hearn shit stirring. I'd be inclined to believe it though, judging by last night's performance. Made hardwork of it against a full sized, determined super bantamweight albeit one with absolutely zero ability and some truely shocking technique.

One things for sure, Frampton isn't the incredible talent you seem to believe he is although I think you're starting to realise that now. Phone Post 3.0