Quincy Quarries

Pretty cool video. Grew up here. Not many places like this around, I was a jumper right up till the time they closed. First jump at 8! Gotta love big brothers, maybe a 10 foot jump, but we got to the 60’ jump pretty quickly. No adults there, always some small trouble, most of the late teens would be drinking.

Fireworks were special here. It didn’t matter if you were firing while you jumped, or if you were just trying to snipe someone from 100 yards away. The wars were epic.

So many stories about this place. Time waster for those looking for some entertainment. Fuck it, soup isn’t posting right now. I’ll post something.

I do hope soup is somewhere getting blown by 20 supermodels right now.


Im new here, kind of, but seems like a lot of good posters get run out of here.

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He will be back, I’m sure. There are far more good than bad here. Hope that’s the way it is in the world… seems uncertain some times.