Quit crying...

What's with all the bitching... I think the new setup is perfect.

Is it that hard to pay $20 for the WHOLE year. You know you get more use out of this site than just $20 worth, thats a frickin bargain. You do the math, that's less than $2 a month.

I think everyone should have to pay anyways, especially for what the site offers and what is has become.

The people I see mostly complaining are all the self proclaimed joksters/trolls anyways, so you can do one of two things, stop posting or buck up and throw down a measly $1.66 a month and all your hopes and dreams for MMA.tv will come true.

Have a nice day

Hey dude, can I borrow $1.66?


Who is Johnny Ringo?



damn straight

I love this place and would pay much more than $20/year